Sandy Jones is the Literary Executor to the William Samuel legacy.  In 1997, she was given the complete literary estate and all rights to his works and today is the spokesperson for William Samuel’s message- publishing and promoting the entire William Samuel catalog. All books by William Samuel are published by Butterfly Publishing House, Ojai, Ca.

In addition to being the registered agent for the works of William Samuel,  she is the owner and mentor of the Woodsong Center for Self-Discovery located in Ojai, California.  The Center hosts gatherings for readings and group discussions based on William’s message.  Sandy is also the proprietor of Celestial Song Mystical Emporium a popular gift shop and gallery located in Ojai, CA.

Sandy is an accomplished artist and  writer, currently writing a book, which she says “Is a love story and a joyful expression of my love for Life and the the Living Unbound Beauty and Peace that has found me.”  The book, titled “Barefoot At Heart – On Living The Alchemy of Love and The Power of Light ” is scheduled to be published in the Spring of 2015.  You can find more of her art and writings at her website

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Barefoot at Heart -The Alchemy of Love and the Power of Light
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