Our Mission

A gathering of folks from all walks of life, people of all religious and philosophical outlooks, Eastern and Western. We are neither a group nor an organization. We are unbeholden and unattached to leaders or an intermediary. The Seminal Idea of Truth is capable of standing on its own. We spend no time worshiping the fountain, rather, we drink the water. . .


   There is a growing Community of men and women of all ages around the world — without human leaders, without followers — who are finding and living the subjective idea, eager to correspond with the like-minded. We come from all disciplines, all religious denominations, East and West — theologians, psychologists, mathematicians, teachers, business people, homemakers, artists, musicians, poets, naturalists, gardeners, ministers, priests, rabbis, and poets,and all who love.

This study is related to no organization. It has grown out of no religious group. This is not a special theology more related to one church than another, or more to one metaphysics than another. The Truth is the Truth is the Truth-not strained through any organization. It follows no particular line of teachers. The Truth includes all that has ever been construed to be any and every teacher, philosophy or holy book. The Truth we are concerned with is the truth of the Single Selfhood being the awareness of these words. There is one Truth only-the fact of Identity–the truth I am.

Jesus said: “Blessed are the solitary and elect, for you shall find the Kingdom.”

We hope we can be of assistance in this growing, synergistic exchange of wisdom and truth.


We wish to encourage and support the many of you who are of the final “generation of prophets” spoken of the literature of the world.

Our endeavors include the Butterfly Publishing House which is dedicated to bringing Good Tidings and Publishing Peace.We keep William Samuel’s work in print, we produce all of his audio, video, and the internet-based communication. Butterfly Publishing House presents Mr. Samuel’s brilliant and liberating message to a broad spectrum of audiences across all cultures. We seek to make William Samuel’s books and his message available to the growing numbers of interested people throughout the world.

We are about the Joy, Wonder, and Healing that is found upon Self-discovery, Awareness and Reality.
Dedicated to the carefree, joyful, triumphant Child within each of us. Our message is about the Subjective, all-inclusive View, which is capable of reaching the hearts of many people, from diverse backgrounds and traditions.


With no specific organizational doctrine to conform to and with out prescribed or proscribed language, we freely and joyfully continue to disseminate Mr. Samuel’s work to and for the universal Child within Everyman.


Sandy Jones –Literary Executor