Seminar With William Samuel White, Georgia– May 1993   


William Samuel gave a weekend seminar in White, Georgia in May of 1993. The Talk was video taped by PBS for their TV programming.

However, 12 days before these talks were to be given William suffered a stroke. His condition made him frail and his physical situation seemed dire.

Despite the debilitating conditions Mr. Samuel found the strength and fortitude go forward with the talk.

Now, we are privileged to have this timeless and exceptionally marvelous taping on DVD.

You can witness for yourself how the Light of Truth Lived brings Its Grace to restore William Samuel as he shares with his audience this Childlike Wonder and Joy that lifts everyone in attendance. .

William Samuel- lecturer, writer, metaphysical practitioner and legendary modern day mystic- studied and practiced the spiritual nature of Reality and Identity since the 1940s. He has written and produced five books, numerous essays and tapes and gave lectures for over 30 years. Bill writes and speaks from lived experience not from speculation. His works, in simple and direct language, reduce the complexity of other metaphysical, mystical and spiritual writing into a language for the average person. Without publicity or promotion his works have found their way into the hands of folks around the world.

In the following Bill tells us in his own words based upon his doctor’s comments:

This was not an ordinary healing, but one of some substance as viewed by the medical community.”

We get a glimmer of The Eternal Unbound Child. In this video you can see the Truth that shines out brightly in his words and from ‘behind’ the words.

The following is Bill’s own recollection of his thoughts and the events during that time,

Bill writes in his Journal (in 1995):

About two years ago I was scheduled to “make one more appearance” – so a seminar was set up in Georgia in a most lovely place. Since it was to be a “finale” so to speak, cameras were brought in on a big scale and a fine video laboratory was scheduled to film the event from first to last – in several sessions.

A number of days before the gathering, I was struck by a full-fledged stroke, essentially making the seminar impossible. For some reason, likely stupidity, I refrained from telling my hosts until two or three days before the event. Some people from across the nation were already on their way.

Kay the indomitable lady in Georgia, said that if I did nothing but sit in the room for the prescribed time, that the “talks” would accomplish their purpose.

Now, that was nice of her, wasn’t it? 

She just pushed me right up there with the eagles who soar and sing their seminars to all the other birds watching.

My opinion of my worth was quite something else. 

A seminar meant talking, disclosing the most recent revelations – making them crystal clear to those who were supposed to understand. I felt that this would be nearly an impossible feat to accomplish in this condition.

I explained as best I could, “Kay, here is how I sound. I must whisper. Every word is an effort, and the things that do come out are not what I expect at all. You be the judge. Should I come or not?” I wasn’t even sure I could make the drive over.

Kay said, “Yes.” Rachel, my wife, said “yes”. The doctors who were attending me thought I was crazy – and my heart man laughed himself silly. “Do you mean you intend to give a seminar for two days – in this condition?” His laughter only reinforced just how absurd this was.

Rachel helped me into the car a day and a half before the talks. About the only words I could say aloud were, “This is insane!” Rachel drove to Georgia, with me commenting regularly, “This is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever done.”

A brilliant young group of film engineers were already set up in Georgia, prepared to record my seminar, whatever it was. My first words to them, in trembling and trepidation, were that they might not have as much to film and record as they had anticipated. I could barely stand and talk, I told them.

In my heart I was saying “But God, I know I’m in your hands, and everything will turn out all right in the end…. I think.”

—- From William Samuel’s Journal 1995


Here is something else from William’s unpublished papers. I believe this note never got sent out. 


Dear Woodsong friend, Child-person,

Since the last time you heard from me, I’ve re-learned to read and to write. I’ve had to relearn to type as well, and this letter proves it even if it is being pecked out mostly with one hand.

Rachel has had much too hard a time with me to get out another issue of “Notes From Woodsong” and you have been be as patient with her as you’ve been with me.

Those of you who have seen the Seminar filmed in Georgia have had a rare opportunity to see and hear a “healing” in process. I don’t know if such a thing has ever been filmed before. But there it is, a healing happening.

Just days before the seminar, I had a “crippling” stroke. I entered that beautiful Georgia room, in front of three cameras and a professional team of film makers, not knowing if I could say single word of this “philosophy.” Right there, before a group of old friends and lovely people from all over the country, not knowing if I could utter a word, I stumbled in and began.

Nothing had been prepared. I couldn’t read the few notes I had. Everything was being seen through the eyes of a Child. That tape turned out to be a filmed proof of this Truth in action. During those two days, you can see “Bill” regain his senses and able to tell of a Truth that hadn’t changed at all, despite heart attacks, strokes and all else that would try to prevent the message of the Child from being told.

One is able to watch that film and see the “Truth” in action. The speaker who began that dissertation in the hills of Georgia was not the person who finished it. By God, I am STILL going.

Now, God willing (and I can’t imagine God being unwilling) here is what I’m going to do. I would like to show you here a paper that was being written during the actual time a “healing” was taking place for me. It seems to me now, if I present such a paper, being written during the very same metamorphosis of physical and mental regeneration happening as it was being written, it will help those who might want the same. Well, I have just such a paper. Many of them, in fact. One of the wonders of journal tending is that marvels often happen as the writing is done, sometimes beyond the words that try to describe the vision.

I think at this stage of my affairs, having spent 40 years in the wilderness, a writer of metaphysics and things related, that I publish such a paper, to accompany the video tape. Then, the interested, as well as the doubting Thomas will have a record that they may wish to check out, confirm and try themselves. William Samuel — Woodsong 1993


This is the inspiring 5 hour, professionally filmed and edited seminar given by William Samuel in May of 1993.

The following is one sample of the many notes of appreciation for this very special taping.

Sandy, I have viewed the DVDs of William Samuel’s Seminar In White,Georgia several times; I find there is a lot that is heard that is not available from the books alone. I am privileged to have heard and seen this man who’s message is as old as man, but few hear. With people like you to make these works available, I guess I would have to travel the world in search of the Truth, instead, here it is, right here, now. It is surprising that none of my friends who claim to be seeking personal development are willing to sit down and watch or listen or borrow a book, not only of William but others who speak plainly of what is……. Brian

William Samuel Seminar in White, Georgia 1993