We take the book from the shelf most likely to render a specific service at a given moment. Exactly so, we have appeared to go to the philosophy, teacher, church, friend, stranger or peanut vendor that has unfolded as sufficient for the moment–but that philosophy, teacher, church, friend or stranger is WITHIN the awareness WE are. So is the peanut vendor. We are forever looking at our Self.”…..William Samuel


  William Samuel
 (September 2,1924 — May 22,1996)




William Samuel was a prolific writer of truth, science, religion, and spiritual awakening. William Samuel was known as the “teacher’s teacher” perhaps because so many teachers came to study with him. There was an inordinate number of philosophers, theologians, and members of the academe. In the later years there came physicists and mathematicians. It seemed to William that he would get the most earnest and dedicated students of Truth. Quite a number of Taoists and Buddhists had found William’s message and came to study–even some who were called Masters. Many have gone from his study to become authors, writers and teachers. In some marvelous way his story has been found by the metaphysical and scientific elite of all the word–at least by a few. He said “When it is told perfectly, my whole world will hear.”

Although, Mr. Samuel did not embrace the idea of being called a teacher, saying “I’ve been telling my own story–how it happened and what it has allowed me to understand–for over 30 years. That is not the same as being a teacher.”

However, it is very clear that William was indeed a master teacher who has found a way to communicate honestly and clearly his insights on the Absolute and the premises of the metaphysical and nonduality.

The growing demand for his clear, brilliant, and effective instruction is testimony to the fact that his work is universal and timeless in its profound wisdom and his brilliant and gifted ability with words about the ‘Wordless’.

William Samuel was one of those rare people who could synthesize the teachings of Eastern thought and Western religions. His work offers a clear explanation of the nature of enlightenment through simple uncomplicated language. He has a genuine gift of communication, a method of communication that uses words in such a manner that creates a synergy that allows the reader/listener to hear a message that transcends the ordinary limits of words.. He communicates beyond intellectualism. William discovered that he had a unique gift that allowed him to teach that which is most often said to be ‘un-teachable’. He found a way to write in layers, sounding overtones, much like music; the words are like the single notes coming together creating chords. Then, layer upon layer, the right chords are struck and the heart hears the full message in the way one hears a whole symphony. Because of this gift, his work is best read gently and without struggle to understand. William often said about his message, to read and listen to with the Heart.


“The birds are nesting all around Woodsong here, they’re building their nests everywhere but why are they doing that?   Are they conscious of an intellectual activity that makes sense or are they just living the divine imprint within?   You know, Beethoven we’re told heard wonderful melodies in his head.   Well clearly he did, we can listen to them, they’re everywhere on record now but he’d hear a wonderful melody in his head and then he did a strange thing, he’d take a pitcher of cold water and he’d pour it over his head and then he would seat himself at the piano and with his head dripping, he would try to capture the mental memory of that melody and make it tangible.   Well, why did he do this?   Did he do it so that others could hear and enjoy the same mental memory or did he just do it because he couldn’t keep from it?   Well, it seems to me that the action then, without motive, is the action that’s enduring and the action that’s done with grand motive   in mind, even though the motive may be so wonderful as to help all of humanity, isn’t the lasting wonder that just lived, just simply lived is… “

The Absolute, Awareness, Reality and Self-Discovery
An Invitation To Reality

William Samuel found a way to communicate so that as many that are willing will discover, uncover, and be the Tranquility untouched by turmoil….a tranquility as effortlessly available as our own Identity. Those who find it are enabled to be passersby, tall and untouched by the world. They will find and live the Transcendent “peace beyond understanding” and are able to make it through this repeating human experience and find the True Identity made in the Image of God.

Awareness and Life are one and the simple Fact that All is all, hence the consciousness that now surveys this page is the goal of the sages from time immemorial, the Living that God is, the Life Divine that neither begins nor ends.


You will find confirmation of light and Truth in your own awakening to your Real Identity; a Self that is unbound, unconditioned, unrestricted Being or Reality which includes all. 

There is no need to be over-concerned with a past or future when the transcendent Now exists to enjoy and be. How close is the Truth and your own ‘enlightenment’? How close is Peace, Tranquility, Happiness? How close is the Light of God? Can anything be closer than the Self you are? “The place whereon Thou standest is Holy Ground!” Right now! Now is all we are faced with. All the while Peace has been the Identity we are.

There is a simple and gentle Light in William’s message that will change your life and make all things new. It can. It will. But it is a message only the Heart can find. Search with the Heart and you will find it.


A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics

This study is related to no organization. It has grown out of no religious group. This is not a special theology more related to one church than another, or more to one metaphysics than another. The Truth is the Truth is the Truth-not strained through any organization. It follows no particular line of teachers. The Truth includes all that has ever been construed to be any and every teacher, philosophy or holy book. The Truth we are concerned with is the truth of the Single Selfhood being the awareness of these words. There is one Truth only-the fact of Identity–the truth I am.

Jesus said: “Blessed are the solitary and elect, for you shall find the Kingdom.”

That same enlightened mirror of my Self also said, “Many are standing at the door, but the solitary are the ones who will enter the bridal chamber…He who lives as the living one shall see neither death nor fear…” This study is a matter of Self-discovery–an individual, solitary action. But one does not have to forsake business, friends, family nor society and its organizations to pursue it. As Awareness we are the Living one within whom the universe is included.

Now, for the tumultuous days ahead when the false foundations of world will be shaken apart, comes the final pathway—the hidden Way and Its Equation.

William Samuel Woodsong Journal Notes 

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